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Tourni-S® is a modern version of the conventional tourniquet and works no differently from the later. Designed for single use only, this tourniquet helps safeguard against cross infections. Available in pack
sizes of 50 and 200 strips.

Disposable Latex Free Tourniquet band - Tourni-S®

Tourni-S® is a single use disposable tourniquet that is designed to offer the best comfort and ease of use, whilst being very cost effective.

With significant time spent on its research and design, this tourniquet makes the transition from a traditional multiple use tourniquet to a single use disposable tourniquet very smooth. The materials used are skin friendly and do not pinch the skin.

Tourni-S® is very safe and made from latex free materials. Its single use feature helps prevent cross infections.


Tourni-S® is available in pack sizes of 50 and 200 strips, packed in boxes that double as handy dispensers.

Tourni-S® can be branded and designed with hospital logos, distributor information and/or communicate messaging. This is subject to terms and minimum order requirements. Please contact Tourni-S® for more information.

tourni-s kids pack

Also available
in kid's size

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